Complete Listening

The most effective practice takes place when we listen completely.

All too often however we fail to hear accurately the notes, pitches, rhythms and music we produce. We are so busy focusing on technique that we miss the music.

To be a complete listener you need to practice your listening and develop this skill like any other.

Begin by making a concious effort to listen intently to your playing.

Next direct your attention to all the minute details. Did the note start correctly? End correctly? How did the middle sound? How big is the gap between notes? Did the crescendo increase smoothly? Is the volume right? Does that note sound the same as the next? There are hundred of questions you could and should ask yourself.

Finally take a step back. Listen to how the music makes you feel. What does the tone feel like? Are you relaxed in that passage? Did those notes feel the same as the last time you played them?

Let listening guide your practice. It will tell you what is wrong and importantly when it is right.

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