The Eyes Have It

Link your ears to your eyes so that you can hear what you see.

You can use this practice method anywhere! You don’t need an instrument, just a sheet of music. Look at the notes and imagine what they would sound like. Look at how big the gaps or jumps are between the notes and hear those in your head. Hear the different tone qualities, articulations and intonations. Also hear what the other markings such as dynamics would sound like. Are there any chords? How do these sound? Use your eyes to guide your ears.

A really fun thing to do when you are able to get to an instrument or recording is to play the music. Did it sound like you imagined? If not why not? What did you imagine differently?

You should also turn this exercise on its head. When you hear some music try to imagine what it would LOOK like written on the page. Start with a view of the whole page. Would there be lots of notes? Instruments? Would those be fast or slow notes? If you feel able move onto where would the notes go? What about all the other markings? Try to imagine in as much detail as you can.

If you get the chance it’s very interesting to actually look at the sheet music to see if it looks how you imagined.

Like many of our techniques this gets easier the more you do it. :cool:

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