Different Perspectives

Just as there is no single correct way to play a piece, there is also no one right way to practice.

You need options.

If your usual practice methods don’t seem to be giving the results you want, try looking at your music from different perspectives.

Pick several of the options below and practice your music in that way.


Focus purely on playing the right notes. Forget about speed technique and everything – just get the notes perfect.


Make sure everything you do is technically correct. You may lose some rhythm or notes in the process but make sure your technique is as good as it can be.


You will be able to play at least some of your music from memory, even if it is just the first 2 notes! Work at increasing the amount you can play from memory.


Shape phrases as well as you can. Make sure that articulations and dynamics stand out. Whilst working on your musicality give yourself the freedom to try different things. Start your crescendo slightly earlier or make that FF louder.


Are you aware of the harmonic structure underlying your piece? If you are playing a solo line you could get the accompanying parts or score and analyse the harmony. If your music is unaccompanied try to work out what harmony the notes are suggesting.


Step away from the instrument and do some writing about your music. Perhaps find out more about the piece or perhaps the composer.


A lot can be learned by simply discussing music with other people. How do they do it? What do they find hard? How did they overcome any difficulties. If you don’t have people nearby you can discuss with then you can always post on twitter or facebook.

These are just a few different perspectives you can use when looking at music. Feel free to suggest more in the comments below.

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