Mistaken Identity

Identify the cause of your mistakes

It is a fact of a musicians life that we all make mistakes at some stage. What seperates the better players is the ability to correct any mistakes they do make.

For this practice method you will need to stop each time you make a mistake during your practice session. Once you have stopped you need to note down the reason why you made a mistake. It may be that there were a couple of reasons for your mistake: concentration, poor technique, didn’t know the notes, fingering, bowing etc. The next time you play this section of music try to avoid the mistakes you made previously  If you make another mistake stop again and make a note of the reasons for this mistake.

Continue your practice stopping and noting your mistakes and trying to correct them the next time. At the end of your practice session you will have a long list of reasons for your mistakes. Take this list to your teacher and discuss with them how you might improve. Some reasons will appear more than others and will show the areas you need to focus on.

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