Never Wrong

If you practise mistakes you’ll get better at them.

Improving your playing ability through practice is often about breaking habits that you already have, weather that be finger position, breathing, posture, note lengths or anything else. These habits have formed over a number of months or years and can therefore be very hard to break.

For this practice method you need to make sure that you do everything –
and that means everything correctly, notes, dynamics, technique and anything else. For the time you use this technique you must stop each time you do something incorrectly and correct it immediately – do not play on and think that you will come back to it later. Stop and correct it there and then.

As well as helping to play your current pieces correctly this practice method will also ensure that you break your old habits more quickly. By stopping and correcting each time there is an error you are re-inforcing your new good habits. Fail to stop and those bad habits will remain for longer.

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