Opposites Attract

Much of what we do in the practice room is about putting information into your brain. By doing the EXACT opposite of what you are supposed to do the brain will remember the right way more easily.

Pick any section of music to use for this method. Look at the notes and markings and take turns at playing them in the opposite way to normal.

These might include:

  • Playing very loudly where the music says very quiet (ff instead of pp)
  • Playing smooth instead of legato (or legato instead of smooth)
  • Playing a straight rhythm where notes are dotted or a dotted rhythm where notes are straight
  • Where notes ascend play them descending instead.
  • Where notes go down go up instead
  • If notes are in groups of four play them in groups of three instead
  • If you can use different positions/fingers to normal try those
  • Play the notes in a different octave to the written one
  • Play with a different key signature

Think of your own opposites and include them in your practice.

When you have practised your opposites return to the normal version and check that you are able to play it correctly.

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