Practice Shoes

This method will help focus your attention on one thing at a time.

Here is a selection of footwear that you can use to aid your practice:

  • Rhythm Boots – use these to focus on rhythm
  • Pitch Wellies – for when you want to concentrate on the right notes
  • Dynamic Slippers – helping you to get your louds and softs correct
  • Style Sandals – musicality, phrasing and style should be your sole thought
  • Technique Trainers – for addressing those technical issues
  • Sound Sneakers – focus on the quality of the sound you”re making
  • Tick Tock Flip Flops – for practice with a metronome
  • Memory Mules – let you concentrate on memorisation
  • Concentration Clogs – to practise focusing your mind
  • Articulation Pumps – for concentration on how you start and finish notes
  • Bare Foot Relaxation – focus on staying relaxed
  • Listening Loafers – really concentrate on listening to what you are playing

Imagine that you are actually putting on one pair of shoes which will allow you to work on one aspect of playing. If you want to practise a different musical element then replace these shoes with a different pair!

Try to imagine what the shoes look like & how it would feel to wear them, so that your mind is totally focused on that one aspect of playing (and nothing else).

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