Learning how to repeat music effectively will help you improve more quickly.

You CANNOT simply repeat a passage over and over in the hope that it will get better.

Before you start playing, set yourself a goal – such as playing the passage smoothly – and then decide on the number of repetitions, or how much time you will spend on this method so that you will be more inclined to improve before the time limit is up.

LISTEN very carefully to your playing & always think about what you could improve on from the last time.

Imagine what your teacher’s comments might be after each repetition, and do not continue to repeat sections that you can already play.

Discuss how to repeat things properly in lessons. It is a sad fact that most learners only have a vague idea of how they should repeat things. It might also be useful if you have time during a lesson to sit and listen while the student practises. This way you can see where they might be going wrong and suggest improvements to their repetition technique.
Make sure you learn and apply the comments above! You will notice that you get far more done in less time.
Keep an ear open whilst your child is practising. If you hear the same section being played over and over with no detectable improvement talk to your child and ask them what they are trying to do. Also ask them what it will sound like when they have the section of music correct.

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