“A practice method?”

“You must be mad!”

Well actually no. Unfortunately there are not enough thoughtful silences in the practice room. Just because you are making noise does not mean you are getting better!

This practice method is basically very simple. You need to have equal amounts of playing and silence.

To do this you will need to make sure you spend a lot of time thinking between playing. It will feel to you as though you are wasting your practice time but you are not.

This additional silent thinking time is when you should be:

  • asking what was wrong with your previous attempt
  • focusing on what you will try to improve in the next section you play
  • being clear about your target for the practice session
  • staying on course and not getting side tracked by an issue not on your list

Remember do not start to play again until you are absolutely clear about what you will achieve from this next piece of practice.

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