Take A Break

A planned break will revitalise your playing.

There are a number of reasons why you may feel that you want to take a break. You may be tired after a period of hard work or you may be stuck on a particular technique or section of music and no matter how hard you practise you can’t seem to master it.

If you are stuck on a piece or technique then you can change your routine to cover something else. However do put a date in your diary in a couple of weeks time when you will come back and try again at the bit you were stuck on.

If you are tired a complete break may be in order. Make sure you plan how long you will take off and the date which you will begin to practise again.

When you do return from a break or return to a piece it is important that you start slowly. It may well take you a few days to get back into your routine so don’t expect everything to be perfect the first day back.

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