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Memorisation Practice Methods

Memory Master

Memory Master Music Practice Technique 150x150 Memory Master

For advanced memorisation (no instrument needed here!) Choose a section of music - something you've played already or something new and spend some time just looking at it, noting every detail. When you have done this several times close the music & try to write it out on manuscript paper. Check it against the original, and score one ...

Talk Through The Piece

Describe Your Piece From Memory Technique 150x150 Talk Through The Piece

Make sure that your memorisation efforts have been successful rather than lucky. Referring to the relevant section of music (but without looking at it) describe every element on the page as well as all the things you'll need to just think about during the performance. The more details the better, and if you can talk your ...

Moving Day

Moving Day Memorisation Technique 150x150 Moving Day

Music is often used as a "crutch" for performers. Even when people know a piece very, very well they still use music as a kind of "safety net". So for those that are reliant on the music and are nervous of playing without it here is the practice method for you. Place the piece of music you want ...

Memory Challenge

Memory Challenge Music Practice Method 150x150 Memory Challenge

Improve your memorisation skills & confidence. This is a difficult technique to master. If you can do it you will have the advantage of the music being firmly in your head before going anywhere near your instrument. To use this practise method you need a section of music - it could be something you have played before ...