Moving Day

Music is often used as a “crutch” for performers. Even when people know a piece very, very well they still use music as a kind of “safety net”. So for those that are reliant on the music and are nervous of playing without it here is the practice method for you.

Place the piece of music you want to memorise on the music stand in front of you. Try to play it from memory – don’t worry it is there in front of you in case you forget anything.

Next move the music to one side by a couple of feet so that you can still see it but so that it is not in front of you. Play from memory again. If you forget any bits the music is still there – just not as easy to see as before.

Once you are confident with this take the music of the stand and put it on the floor. Try to play from memory again, this time if you forget it is more tricky to see the music.

Gradually keep moving the music further and further away until you can”t see it when you play – you”ll find that by this stage you really don”t need the music at all!

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