600 Seconds

Does the prospect of doing half an hours practice fill you with dread? Are you put off before you start because it seems like such a long time to practice. Try using this practice method and it will seem much quicker . . .

Your task for each practise session is for you to play for just 600 seconds. Is that all you might ask? Yes, just 600 seconds. Once you have played for 600 seconds your practice is over for that session. You do need to make sure that you spend each of these 600 seconds really concentrating and practising hard as it is not much time to get all the work done that your teacher has asked you to do. Your teacher will understand if you do not get everything done in that time just as long as you have tried really hard for those 600 seconds.

The second part of the method is this: You need to repeat this 3 times a day – 600 seconds is such a short period of time that everyone can find time to do it 3 times per day. You do need to concentrate though.

By using this technique you have made a deal with your teacher – they will not insist on you doing half an hour a day as long as you do 3 good practice sessions per day of 600 seconds each.

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