Location, Location, Location

Many people get fed up with doing the same practise everyday. Unfortunately there may be some technical excercises that need to be repeated everyday to help build muscles. There are things that you can do to make the practise sessions a little more interesting whilst maintaining a good routine.

Lets assume that you have a practice routine where you practice the same time everyday and that for the week you need to play the same technical exercises everyday. One of the simplest ways to make the practice more interesting is to change the place you practice.

For this practice method you are going to find a new place each time you practise. You could start the week in your usual practice location, do the next session in the kitchen, the next in the bathroom, the next in the garage and the next in the garden. The possibilities are endless – it”s up to you to find somewhere new each day to do your practice. What’s the most unusual place you can find to practice?

For those that play larger instruments (ie the piano) that are difficult to move from room to room you could try moving the instrument to a different place in the same room. You could turn the instrument to face a different way each day.

When using this practice method it is also a good chance to concentrate on your sound – you will notice that it is different from place to place – always strive to make the best possible sound in all locations.

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