Practice Signals

Many people find it hard to practise as they see it as something they MUST do everyday weather they feel like it or not. How about a system which could mean that you don”t do any practice at all?

Here”s where the practice signals method comes in. You only need to practicse when you receive the correct signal. When you receive the signal you need to stop whatever you are doing and practice your instrument for 10 minutes. This must be 10 concentrated minutes working on whatever your teacher has set for the week. Once you have done 10 minutes then your practice is over for that particular session.

But, I hear you ask, what are signals? Well a practice signal could be anything, anything that you can think of can be a signal. A dog bark could be a signal – each time you hear a dog bark you need to go and do 10 minutes practice (maybe not such a good idea if you have lots of dogs or run a boarding kennels!). Another signal could be the telephone – each time your home phone rings – that”s another 10 minutes. How about a particular piece of music? Each time you hear Abba or Queen on the radio that could be a signal. How about things people say on the TV? When you hear someone on TV say the word “television” you need to go and do 10 minutes practice. The possibilities for signals are endless.

You need to decide what your signal is after your lesson and stick to that until the next lesson doing 10 good minutes practice each time your signal occurs. One week this might mean that you do less practice – on another you might do more.

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