Take A Holiday

Now don’t get too excited, this does not mean that you need to pack your suitcase! But what it does mean is that you can take a break from practice. When planning your holidays you normaly spend a number of weeks thinking about it beforehand – you wouldn’t simply decide one morning to go! You might also find yourself saving up in order that you can afford to go.

Well you can apply this to your practice as well. Imagine that this week you are planning to take a holiday from your practice on Thursday. This requires some planning – you don’t want to get to Thursday and simply take the day off – this would just be a missed day. What you can do however is to get yourself ready before Thursday so that you can take a holiday on that day.

So how do you do that?
Well before going on a normal holiday you make arrangements with the milkman, the dog sitter and various other people so that things are ok when you get back, You need to do the same with your practice.

The day before you take a practice holiday you need to get yourself ready for the holiday. This means that you need to make sure that when you come back to practice on Friday that everything is as it should be. To do this you need to complete the same amount of practice as you would have done on Thursday anyway. This means that on Wednesday you need to do double practice to ensure you are still ok on Friday. Doing double practice on Wednesday means you can reward yourself with a holiday on Thursday.

If you plan to take a practice holiday it is very important that you do the extra practice beforehand – you cannot earn a holiday by doing extra practice afterwards.

Of course it does not have to be a Thursday when you take a practice holiday – it can be any day as long as you do the preparation beforehand.

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