The End is In Sight

Some people find the prospect of 30 minutes practice stretched out before them to be a major chore. The knowledge that they have to spend half an hour playing through pieces and exercises can put them off. It doesn’t have to be this way! How about a way that means you didn’t have to face half an hour every time you practice?

Well here”s what to do. . . The first thing you need to do is workout how many practice sessions you will do that week (hopefully this will be 7 but could definitely be more). From the number of sessions subtract 1 – if you are doing 7 sessions that week take away 1 and you are left with 6 (we will use this for the example below but you should use the the number of sessions you have worked out).

Next turn to the music that you have to practice for that week. You need to break this down into 6 equal sections. If you have one piece to practice you split it into 6 sections, if you have one line you might split this into 6 bars. If you have more than one thing to practice you need to split these into 6 equal pieces – 3 from one piece, 3 from another.

On to the practice. Each day the only thing you have to do is to practice one of those 6 equal parts. Once you have done this your practice is finished for the day. By doing this you will always know when your practice is coming to an end and no longer need to watch the clock to see that you have done half an hour!

There is no time limit here. If you concentrate really hard you might find that you finish your practice in 5 minutes – well done you! There is no need to carry on as you have done your practice. If however it is a tricky section of you are not concentrating so well it might take you as long as an hour . . .as long as you finish the section of music for the day – that is when your practice is over.

What about that 1 session we took away earlier? We’ve saved that for the end of the week. Once you have finished all of the other sessions you use that final session to piece everything together. Again there is no time limit here – just practice until you have finished. If you have done all the previous sessions really well then this final session should not take too long, if however you skipped over the previous sessions it could take much longer.

Using this practice method and with lots of concentration you might find that you can complete your practice for the week in 10 minutes a day – there’s nothing wrong with that as you have done what you needed to do.

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