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Parental Practice Methods

Student Teacher

Student Teacher Music Practice Idea 150x150 Student Teacher

Get your child to teach their piece to you. This is a great way for your child to really get to know a piece they are learning. It also allows you to spend some really quality time together with no chance of criticism. Get into position on the instrument just as though it is a lesson with ...

Task Master

Task Master Assisting Childs Music Practice 150x150 Task Master

Work with the teacher to focus your childs practice. To use this method you need to liaise closely with their teacher. Also make sure you are aware of what your child needs to practise between lessons - this could be via a A few simple things will be a major help to your childs progress:conversation with the ...

Supply Teacher

Supply Teacher Mums Dad Practice Help 150x150 Supply Teacher

Make your child's practice sessions really productive. You don't need any musical knowledge to use this method but it will require a little of your time. For the practice session you are going to pretend to be your child's teacher (in reality it is they who will be teaching themselves!) Get your child to tell you what they need to practise, why they need ...

Concert Goer

Concert Goer Technique Parental Practice Help 150x150 Concert Goer

Use this method to get your child used to playing in front of others and making practice a little different and more fun. Agree with your child at the start of the week a time for a mini concert. Agree that the performance will include the pieces they are working on this week along with one ...

A Few Good Words

Parental Help With Music Practice 150x150 A Few Good Words

Give your child an extra lift and building their confidence. This method is very simple but the rewards can be huge for both parent and child. Stop a moment and listen when your child is practising. However well they have played make a positive comment. Leave them to their practice. Repeat regularly. A child who is struggling will be given a lift by a few ...