A Few Good Words

Give your child an extra lift and building their confidence.

This method is very simple but the rewards can be huge for both parent and child.

  • Stop a moment and listen when your child is practising.
  • However well they have played make a positive comment.
  • Leave them to their practice.
  • Repeat regularly.

A child who is struggling will be given a lift by a few kind words from their parents. A child who is already doing well will feel even more confident.

You could try the following phrases:

That sounds much better than the last time I heard it.

It sounds as though your practice is really paying off.

Well done, you must be really pleased with that!

Do not on any account say: “Is that the tune the cat died on?” or “Can’t you play any proper music?”. Even though your comments may be in jest they will remain with your child for a long time.

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