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Performance Practice Methods

Practice = Performance

Pracitce Performance Music Practice Method 150x150 Practice = Performance

Make sure you practise EXACTLY the same way that you perform. How many times have you said to yourself or your teacher "I played it better in practice!" One reason you may not play your best when giving a performance is that you have been practising in a different way to the way you perform. You should ...

Concentration Challenge

Concentration Music Practice Technique 150x150 Concentration Challenge

Make sure your mind is on the music at all times. For this method you need to play your piece through from start to finish. As you play make sure that you are only thinking about the next note. If you catch yourself thinking about anything other than the next note go back to the beginning and ...

Prepare Properly

Prepare Properly Music Performance Method 150x150 Prepare Properly

Here's how to make sure you are ready for any performance. In the weeks before your performance plan to complete the following: Run your piece(from start to finish without stopping (at least 10 times (666) ). Run your performance at different times of day. Do a dress rehearsal in the same clothes and time as your performance. Play with your ...

Mock Exams

Mock Exams Performance Pressure Technique 150x150 Mock Exams

Simulating a performance situation when practising will stand you in good stead come the big day. Invite some friends or family to attend a "mock" performance that you will give. They do not need to be musical at all - just ask them to write down some comments as you play (you could use the performance ...

No Such Thing As Piano

No Such Thing As Piano Method 150x150 No Such Thing As Piano

Make sure you practise at the same volume as you perform. Have you ever given a performance where you have tried really hard to make those quiet dynamics only to find that the notes don't come out? You then try to creep back in only for another note not to sound! Oh dear, this is the ...

4 In A Row

4 In A Row Music Method 150x150 4 In A Row

This method will help you perform correctly and avoid mistakes. Practise your piece using other methods until you think it is ready for performance. The object of this method is to play your piece through from start to finish 4 times without any mistakes. If you make a mistake at any point you need to begin again with the first ...