4 In A Row

This method will help you perform correctly and avoid mistakes.

Practise your piece using other methods until you think it is ready for performance.

The object of this method is to play your piece through from start to finish 4 times without any mistakes. If you make a mistake at any point you need to begin again with the first time through.

If you have practised properly you will find the first couple of times through fairly easy. On the third and fourth times through you will feel a little more pressure as any mistakes will mean that you have to start all over again.

If you can complete this practice method for all of your pieces you should be in fairly good shape come the actual performance you will know that you can play the piece under pressure.
Help your students by performing this test in a lesson – this will add an even greater degree of pressure than the student has felt at home. If they can complete the ‘4 in a row’ test in a lesson they are well prepared for any performance/exam.

If you can complete the ‘4 in a row’ test give yourself a pat on the back – well done!You should also be feeling very confident about any performance of this music you need to give in future as you have proved to yourself you can play it under pressure.

Be with your child whilst they do the ‘4 in a row’ test. Your presence will add a little extra pressure and help to see if the section of music they are playing is really ready. Be careful however to make sure that you remain an observer – don’t be too quick to criticise if they don’t complete the test – it really is quite difficult

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