Prepare Properly

Here’s how to make sure you are ready for any performance.

In the weeks before your performance plan to complete the following:

  • Run your piece(from start to finish without stopping (at least 10 times (666) ).
  • Run your performance at different times of day.
  • Do a dress rehearsal in the same clothes and time as your performance.
  • Play with your accompanist as many times as you can.
  • Memorise your piece even if you are using music for the performance.
  • Record yourself. Note down points for improvement. Repeat.
  • Play to an audience of friends and family.
  • Imagine in detail what it will be like to give the perfect performance.
  • Plan the day of performance in advance. Allow plenty of time for travel, warm. up etc. Ensure you don”t arrive in a rush.

Smile and be confident – you’ve prepared well.

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