20 Questions

Before you begin to learn a new piece of music answer the questions below. You will then be much better placed to learn it quickly.

  1. What is the title?
  2. Who is the composer?
  3. When was the piece written?
  4. Where is the composer from?
  5. What else did the composer write?
  6. Who had an influence on the composer?
  7. What is the style of the piece?
  8. What is the mood of the piece?
  9. Can you describe the melody?
  10. What key is the piece in?
  11. What is the time signature?
  12. What happens to the dynamics?
  13. Can you explain all the markings on the music?
  14. Do you notice any patterns in the notes?
  15. Where are the tricky bits? List them.
  16. Will you have any technical difficulties with this piece? List them.
  17. How will you practice this piece?
  18. How will you know when you have practised it enough?
  19. When do you think you will be able to perform this piece?
  20. What will the ideal performance sound like?

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