A Change of Emphasis

It’s often difficult to find new ways of playing a piece, especially if it’s a very well known piece of music.

Consider this well known piece of Piano music by Mozart:

MusicalEmphasis1 A Change of Emphasis

This has been played milllions of times by pianists all over the world. How then do you take this, or any other piece of music, and give it your own interpretation?

Here’s where the emphasis method comes in. When played with a standard interpretation the emphasis will fall on the red note as follows:MusicalEmphasis2 A Change of Emphasis


There is no reason however that the emphasis should not be placed on different notes. Imagine what the example below might sound like:

MusicalEmphasis3 A Change of Emphasis

Or perhaps this one:

MusicalEmphasis4 A Change of Emphasis

If you’re really brave you might even try something like this: (666) MusicalEmphasis5 A Change of Emphasis


The point is that there is no right or wrong way here.

For your own music try all the variations you can think of. When you play them through make sure that the emphasized notes really stick out.

Experiment with this until you find one that feels right to you.

When you come to perform you would want to make the emphasis a little more subtle. However going through this method will give you more options and a greater understanding of the music.

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