Artistic Learning

Once you have learned the notes to a piece it’s time to make music and to express your own musicality.

Consider the 3 drawings below:


Each of these is a note. How do you think each note will sound?

Here is another shape:


What do you think this music might sound like?

This shape has yet more differences. Try to imagine in detail the sounds this might make:


Shapes and colours can be a great way to show how music sounds and feels.

For this method you are going to take a piece that you have learned and draw it. There is no right or wrong answer here, just do what seems right to you.

Perhaps you want to use soft shapes for soft music and bold colours for loud music. The choice is yours.

One you have drawn your picture it’s time to play your piece again. You’ll be surprised at how musical it sounds with your new found ‘artistic appreciation’.

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