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Having a good range of dynamics can make your performances much more interesting for the listener. There’s nothing duller than listening to music that is the same volume or intensity all the way through. Use this method to improve the range of dynamics in your pieces.

Follow these steps to improve the dynamics in a section or piece of music:

  1. Work out what the middle dynamic is in your piece – it’s quite often around mf (or medium loud)
  2. Play a few notes at this volume making sure you are really comfortable with the sound and feeling of playing that you have.
  3. Ignore the pitches and rhythms of the notes in your piece. Play through the dynamics only. On one note play the louds, softs, crescendos and dims. Try to get some good variety in your dynamics and also make sure the changes can be heard.
  4. Next add the rhythm back in. Still play on one pitch but try to keep the dynamics you had in the previous step.
  5. Finally add the pitches of notes and keep the dynamics you have learnt.

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