Dicey Scales

Let the dice pick your scales and also tell you how to play them.

For this method you will need 2 six sided dice.

First roll both dice to decide which key to play:

1 = C 2 = C# 3 = D 4 = Eb
5 = E 6 = B 7 = F# 8 = G
9 = Ab 10 = A 11 = Bb 12 = F

Next roll one dice to decide the type of scale:

1 = Major 2 = Harmonic Minor 3 = Melodic Minor
4 = Major Arpeggio 5 = Minor Arpeggio 6 = Dominant 7th

Finally roll one dice to decide how to play the scale:

1 = Legato 2 = Detached 3 = Hands Together
4 = Tongued 5 = Hands Seperately 6 = Tenuto

Having rolled the dice 3 times you now which which scale to play. Play it through 3 times correctly before choosing another scale.

You can change the keys & types above to match the scales you have to learn.

This is a very good way of helping to learn scales in the run up to an exam or test. Using the dice completely randomises the scale chosen. Playing it 3 times correctly will help ensure that the scale is learnt well – the important point to stress here is ‘correctly’.

You can also use this method to test scales during lessons – there is then no chance of being accused of asking only the difficult ones!

If you use the dice you will stop yourself playing the same scales over and over again. Also if you are unsure as to which scales to play then the dice are also useful. Make sure however not to re-roll the dice if a scale you don’t like turns up. Also make sure you play each scale 3 times correctly before moving on.

Use this dice method as a sort of game. You can roll the dice with your child and listen to see if the scale is played correctly. Perhaps you might keep score over an entire week with the possibilitiy of some kind of reward at the end.

Enjoy your practice!

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