Play Your Cards Right

This practice method is a game you play against yourself.

You will need the same pack of cards you created for Scale Poker.

Shuffle the pack and cut the pack to reveal a card and scale. You can then start the game.

You must try to play the scale perfectly (that means all the notes, rhythm, range and articulation!). If you do play it correctly you score 2 points. If you get any of these aspects wrong then you lose a point. Shuffle the cards, cut the pack and choose another scale – again score 2 points if you play it perfectly but lose a point if you don’t.

The object of this practice method is to reach 10 points. Once you have done this your scale practice is over. This is not quite as simple as it sounds though. Unless you know all of your scales very, very well you will find that you frequently lose points and may in some cases have minus points!

If you find that you are getting very good at reaching 10 points try timing youself against the clock and see how quickly you can get to 10 points – remember though those scales still need to be accurate.

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