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Technique Practice Methods

Root Cause

Root Cause Technique Practice Method 150x150 Root Cause

Fix the cause of common mistakes. For this method you will need a selection of pieces and a notepad. Play through your music and each time you make a mistake stop and mark the music. Once you have finished one piece go onto the next. Try to pick a few pieces in different styles. For each place you ...

Technical Focus

Technical Focus Music Practice Method 150x150 Technical Focus

Temporarily putting music to one side will allow you to allow focus on technique. By using this method you are giving yourself permission to banish all thoughts that are not directly related to technique from your mind. Dynamics, phrasing, style and even in some cases the notes themselves, can all be forgotten. The only thoughts in ...

Speed From Accuracy

Speed From Accuracy Music Practice Technique 150x150 Speed From Accuracy

Prevent your fast playing from being scrambled and messy. You need to be very patient for this method but it will be worth it. Practice your technical exercises very slowly, stupidly slowly. Concentrate very hard on being accurate - at this slow speed it should be perfect. As you move through the week increase the speed a little ...