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Music Theory Practice Methods

Transposition Time

Music Transposition Practice 150x150 Transposition Time

Use this method to improve your speed and accuracy of transposition. Choose a piece of music which you know well. Pick a section to use to practise your transposition. Look at the key signature and work out what key this section of music is in. Next pick a new key that you will transpose the music ...

Carbon Copy

Carbon Cop Music Practice Method 150x150 Carbon Copy

Being able to write down what you hear will help all aspects of your playing. For this method you will need a way of playing music (CD or mp3 player). Pick a piece of music. Any piece you like. Using your music player, listen very, very carefully to the music - try to pick up the pattern ...


Mastermind Music Theory Method 150x150 Mastermind

Improve your all round musical knowledge. Find a new piece of music. This can be for any instrument. Your local library is a good place to look. Open the music to a random page.You now have to describe every single element on that page. You will need to identify dynamics, clefs, key signatures, italien terms, instruments and ...