Music Practice Quotes

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If you have played “six times wrong, one time right” the problem is not quite corrected.

— William Westney, Westney, William., The Perfect Wrong Note (Amadeus Press, 2003), p.92

There will never come a time when you don’t have to practice

— J.J. Johnson

We will always find something more interesting to play than the tricky passage that really needs attention. We prefer to reassure ourselves by practising the phrases we can manage rather than face the ones we can’t.

— Ruth Bonetti, Bonetti, Ruth., Practice is a dirty word (Amadeus Press, 2003), p.92

There’s very little to be said for learning a piece note by note, reading the rhythmic markings, practising the fingerings and following your instructor’s suggestions, if you haven’t any idea how the music will eventually sound and feel. If you learn a piece mechanically, you may have to ‘unlearn’ it before you can play it with expression and feeling.

— Barry Green, Green, Barry., The Inner Game of Music (Pan Books, 1987), p.85

Why should it be assumed that the students efforts will be ready for critic after only seven days

— Alexander Libermann, Westney, William., The Perfect Wrong Note (Amadeus Press, 2003), p.55

The ‘magic number’ is the number of times you practice a spot after getting it exactly the way you want it.

— Margaret Elson, Elson, Margaret., Passionate Practice (Regent Press, 2002), p.59

. .the most crucial ingredient by far for success in music is . . .what happens in the practice room.

— William Westney, Westney, William., The Perfect Wrong Note (Amadeus Press, 2003), p.47

Goals without deadlines are not really goals, but daydreams

— Harvey Snitkin, Snitkin, Harvey., Practice Planner (HMS Publications, 2002), p.13

. . .you will become what you practice

— Susan Whykes, Whykes, Susan., Mind Over Matter (Author House, 2007), p.4

Repetition was never designed to fix problems – it takes what you are doing – good or bad and locks it in.

— Philip Johnston, Johnston, Philip., Practiceopedia (Practicespot Press, 2006)
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