10 ways to . . . use your mobile phone as a practice aid

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As mobile phones get smarter the numbers of ways musicians can use them increase. As virtually all students now have these there is no reason you cannot take advantage of them.

1. Photograph your teacher in lesson

Get pictures of that hand position or embouchure change that your teacher is trying to explain.

2. Record your teacher in lesson

You can often forget how you are supposed to sound once you have left the lesson. Record your teacher on your mobile and you’ll have a permanent record of how you should sound.

3. Make notes

Enter text for any key points that your teacher has asked you to remember.

4. Record questions

During your practice you will quite often have questions arise – questions that you may forget by your next lesson. Use your mobile to either record your voice or text the questions you have.

5. Listen to music

Your mobile makes it possible to listen to music anywhere.

6. Record at start and end of week

If you record your pieces at the start of a week and then again at the end you can easily see how much you have improved.

7. Photograph your problems

If you are not sure about something then take a photo. It’s a lot easier for your teacher to fix problems if they can see them.

8. Call teacher

Most teachers would rather you call them during the week if you have a problem. Don’t waste days of practice when a quick call can answer your question and allow you to progress.

9. Mobile applications

It is possible to download metronomes, tuners and other helpful musical accesories for mobile phones.

10. Turn it off

This last point is perhaps THE most useful. Don’t fall into the trap of letting your mobile interrupt your practice.

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