25 Music Practice Links 17th September

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It seems that discussion of practice is blossoming on the web, either that or we’re getting better at finding it ;)

Anyway, here is our regular round up of music practice links.

Don’t forget if you run a piano blog, guitar tab resource or any other site that has some practice related information then we’d love to hear about it..

  1. Practicing Your Scales Effectively from Getting There
  2. The Definitive Guide to Building and Maintaining a Repertoire List – Collaborative Piano Blog
  3. 5 Tips For Helping Students Fix Persistent Mistakes – Music Matters Blog
  4. Pony Over the Rainbow Practice Aid – Susan Paradis’ Piano Teacher Resources
  5. Real Discipline – The Classical Guitar Blog
  6. Making the most of music lessons – The Musician’s Way
  7. Aristotle “We Are What We Repeatedly Do” – Thomas J West
  8. Charting Songs – Jazz Ed Magazine
  9. When is it time to say goodbye to a piano student? – Sfrack’s Weblog
  10. Building Practice Habits That Work – Music Teacher’s Helper Blog
  11. How To Practice Guitar – Guitar Blog Online
  12. “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams on practicing
  13. Over The Edge – Jen’s Piano Studio
  14. Incentive Program 2010-11 – It’s A Mystery! – Lowe Piano Studio
  15. Why Music? – Micek Music Blog
  16. The Jazz Improviser’s Mind – Teaching Music in the 21st Century
  17. Award winning excuses for not practising
  18. Real Time, Really Real – Stark Raving Cello Blog
  19. Useful chord progression tool
  20. Practice Makes Perfect – Piano Lessons
  21. How to Practice Drumming for Fast Results – Mike Veny
  22. Nap your way to excellence – The Practice of Practice
  23. Resource suggestions – Jen’s Piano Studio Blog
  24. How to practice guitar scales – Anja’s Blog
  25. Outstanding Performers – Created Not Born? – David Shanks

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