33 Music Practice Links 31st July 2010

I like to use RSS to keep in touch with new happenings in the music practice blogosphere. Whilst there are still relatively few sites dealing specifically with music practice there are more sites which touch on the topic.

If you have a site that you think we should know about then let us know and we’ll add it to our collection of music practice links.

  1. Optimizing Practice Time – The Musician’s Way e
  2. Practicing Away From Your Instrument – Getting There
  3. The Duning Kruger Effect – The Practice of Practice
  4. Proven Method to Get Children Practicing – Keyboard Musical Instruments
  5. What Does and Exam Result Mean? – Elissa Milne
  6. Task Oriented Practice Schedules – The Classical Guitar Blog
  7. Recital Preparation – The Piano Pedagogy Page
  8. Exploring a galaxy of Music Practice Incentive – Music Matters Blog
  9. Effective Memorisation in Music – Getting There
  10. Motivation Video for Teachers – Fun Music Co
  11. The Prodigal – Piano Morning Blog
  12. Ban the Word Classical – Elissa Milne
  13. How To Take The Stage and Improve Your Performance – Molto Music
  14. Research Questionnaire on Practice Incentives – Music Matters Blog
  15. Silent Practice
  16. Everything I know about Practice I learnt at the conservatory – The Savvy Musician
  17. How To Learn Music Properly – iSchool Band
  18. Memorizations Strategies – Music Matters Blog
  19. Taking Part in Your Child Music Education – Parents Music Guide
  20. Reading and Writing Music Is For Amateurs – The Practice of Practice
  21. Awareness, Focus, Concentration – The Musician’s Way
  22. Working Memory Capacity Reflected in Musical Skill – Medical News Today
  23. Adult Music Students – Mahatma Music
  24. 10 Ways the Music Makes You Smarter – Thomas J West
  25. Fun New Manipulatives – Jen’s Piano Studio
  26. Repertoire Rules for Students – Elissa Milne
  27. The Growth Mindset – The Musician’s Way
  28. Free Studio Aids – Jen’s Piano Studio
  29. The Secret of Efficient Rehearsals – Molto Music
  30. Process, not progress – The Practice Notebook
  31. Embrace the Outdoors for Summer Practice – Grace Notes Music Studio
  32. Evolution of an Artist – Getting There
  33. You Got Rhythm

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