4 Steps to great musical goals

I’ve talked before about the need to set goals and their value in helping to motivate the practising musician. This can however be a daunting task, where to start, what level to set them at, how specific and lots of other thoughts enter your head. It needn’t be this tough and you needn’t be this tough on yourself. Hopefully the 4 steps below will simplify the process for you.

1. List every goal you can think of.
It’s important at first that you don’t discard any goals. Write them all down in a big long list. Resist the temptation to filter them on the fly. Allow everything you can think of to be on this list – this is your chance to dream!

2. Discuss your list.
Once you have a list take it to your friends, parents and teacher – those people that know you really well. See what they think you could do well. This is also the time to begin thinking seriously about your list. Which goals really excite you? Are they realistic?, achievable?, challenging even?

3. Narrow your goals
Once you have spent some time thinking about them start to re-order your goals in order of importance. Move those that are most exciting and achievable to the top and those that are less so to the bottom.

4. Produce final goals
Take those goals at the top of your list and put them in order of priority. Put those that you find most exciting and can’t wait to get started on at the top. Finally write your goals up in a clear concise manner remembering to include a description, the date when you want to achieve it and how you will know you have arrived.

Got a simpler method for getting great musical goals? Let me know in the comments below.

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