50 Quick music practice tips

Wow! When I started the Quick Tips section of the site I thought I might have 10 or maybe 20 quick and useful tips to help you all with your music practice. A few months later and we’re at 50 already!!

That’s basically enough for a new practice tip every week of the year!

These tips are meant for you to dip in and out of as a way of inspiring your practice or getting a new perspective on things. They apply equally to piano, guitar, violin, flute and horn. Whatever instrument you play you will find a useful tip here.

Do you have any quick music practice tips not in our list? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

  1. Think Before You Start
  2. Posture
  3. The Right Frame Of Mind
  4. Use Other Peoples Time
  5. Develop A Schedule
  6. Listen To Yourself
  7. Don’t Practise Wrong
  8. Take A Break
  9. Warm Up
  10. Begin At The End
  11. Clarity
  12. Get Up Early
  13. Know Your Piece
  14. Rhythm Quick Fix
  15. Think More
  16. Look for right.
  17. Exaggerate
  18. Remember the 2 golden rules of sight reading
  19. Mental Practice
  20. Record Yourself
  21. Be a student
  22. Don’t just read, act!
  23. The only stupid question is an unasked question
  24. Sight read everyday
  25. The Right Way?
  26. Musical Exercises
  27. Listen properly
  28. Be Better Today
  29. Nine times wrong, one time right
  30. If you can’t hear it in your head you can’t play it.
  31. Practice out of tempo
  32. The way you think is the way you practice
  33. Spend time to notice your mistakes
  34. Recreate your lesson
  35. Continual improvement
  36. Practising may be fun
  37. What you can’t hear you can’t correct
  38. Don’t suppress your mistakes
  39. After the fact adjustments
  40. Perfect Imagination
  41. Why practice?
  42. Have Fun
  43. Review goals for motivation
  44. Stay Positive
  45. Be your idol
  46. Two Practice Rooms
  47. Take responsibility for your own progress
  48. The TV is not a practice aid!!
  49. Practice the most important thing
  50. End on a high note

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