50 websites that will improve your music practice

When I started this blog 3 years ago it was very difficult to find anything about the subject of music practice online. Fortunately this is slowly changing. Below are links to 50 sites and articles on music practice. Some are pure practice sites (we like those ;)  ) and others are instrumental sites that touch on practice.

These are the sites I have found. If you know of any others I would really, really like to hear about them. Please share in the comments section or find me on twitter @howtopractise.

  1. MusicianHome.com » Blog Archive » How To Practice At The Piano
  2. Thomas J. West Music | Music Education Practice Tips
  4. Fundamentals of Piano Practice
  5. Concentrating while studying
  6. How to Practice Sight Reading Piano Music – wikiHow
  7. How Jazz Musicians Practice
  8. How The Pros Practice – Guitar Noise
  9. Violin Online – Practice Tips
  10. PracticeSpot: Ideas and resources for great music lessons
  11. Quantum Listening: From Practice to Theory (To Practice Practice)
  12. Practice, Practice, Practice … Music Study Skills
  13. GuitarSocial.com Blog Posts
  14. Performance Tips: Overcoming Stage Fright | The Jospels
  15. Rock House Blog: Developing Great Practice Habits
  16. music blog › 7 Tips for Effective Good Musical Practice–Music Blog Site
  17. Music Practice Techniques for Learning Repertory | www.dagobon.com
  18. LadyDpiano: Practice Tips
  19. Become A Better Musician With Better Practice Habits | Bloggeron
  20. The Importance of Dedicated Daily Practice In Learning to Play Music | Bloggeron
  21. The key to guitar practice « IG BLOG (guitar – life)
  22. Play guitar 2 hours every day for 10 years « IG BLOG (guitar – life)
  23. The power of a short practice « IG BLOG (guitar – life)
  24. The use of practice time
  25. Music Practicing Tips
  26. Music Tech Teacher, Music Quizzes, Games and Worksheets
  27. The Collaborative Piano Blog
  28. A Guide to Great Home Music Practice
  29. Mel Bay’s Woodshed – How to Practice
  30. IntellectualMusician.com » How To Practice
  31. Teaching How to Practice
  32. How to practice
  33. Practice Makes Perfect??? – Not Always!
  34. Guitar Resource-lessons, scales, chords, technique and more
  35. HOW TO | Practice
  36. The Piano Place – How to Practice
  37. Trumpet and Brass Playing Articles – How To Practice
  38. BBC – h2g2 – How to Practise Music
  39. eHow – How to Practice Music Effectively
  40. How NOT to practice
  41. A shared hanout – How To Practice
  42. How to practice music without frustration
  43. Pay Attention | Lateral Action
  44. Be A Techie:)
  45. Bandguys’ Blog
  46. About.com Music Education
  47. Learn how to practice the saxophone
  48. How to practice your musical instrument
  49. What is real practice on guitar
  50. And of course last but by no means least our own site – How To Practise

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