Back to School – Experimenting

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So you’ve made a commitmentchosen an instrument and are now itching to get started on the fantastic journey that is learning an instrument.

This is a great time to experiment. Explore your instrument and find out what it can do. Don’t worry at this stage about wrong or right just try to spend as much time as you can enjoying and exploring your instrument.

Here are some ideas of the types of experiments you can do:


Dynamics is the word musicians use to refer to how loud music is. There are other terms such as piano and forte but you don’t need to worry about these at the moment. Instead try seeing how quietly you can play and then see how loudly you can play. Can you make a really big difference between the two?


Notes have different pitches. This is how high or low the note sounds. Imagine a small squeaky mouse as a high note and a big elephnat as a low note. What is the highest note you can find on your instrument? Which is the lowest? Can you make the gap between these any bigger?


Music can have lots of different moods. Fun, spikey, cool, smooth and many others. Try playing notes in these different ways. How many different ways can you think of to play?


One of the best ways to learn is to copy things that you hear. Try playing tunes that you have already heard. Don’t worry about what notes you are playing just try to make it sound like you imagined.

The more time you can spend with your instrument trying things the better. There is no right or wrong, just experiments!

Good luck and enjoy your practice!

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