Build supports – Practice planning part 4

New-Year-Practice-Preparation-4Hopefully you now have some great long term musical goals that will inspire you and motivate you. If not go back and create some now – you will need them before you can break them into medium term goals.

It should be obvious at this stage that you can’t progress directly to your major goals. What you need is a series of stepping stones that will guide you forwards and help you track your progress.

Think again about your major goals and about some of the people who are already in that position. What were some of the things they had to do along the way? What experiences did they have and what actions did they complete? You will usually find that there are some large steps they took in getting to where you want to go.

Major-Medium-Music-Practice-GoalsGoals can be thought of as a pyramid. Your medium term goals will help support your long term goals. For example if you want to play in a symphony orchestra it is likely that you will be an accomplished solo performer and attended a major music school. Attaining these could form your mid term goals. Or if you want to play in a succeful rock band your major goal might be to get a long term record deal, in which case medium term goals could be the production of a high quality demo and performance in a venue containing at least 5000 people.

If your long term goals are somewhere between five and ten years then your medium term ones will usually be from one to three years.

In the same way that we spoke about your major goals being specific, visualised and dated so should your medium term ones be. Again remember to share them with your friends family and teacher.

In the next part we will begin to think about those short term things you will do to meet you medium term goals.

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