Music Practice Links 17th December 2012


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It’s been quite a while since our last round up from the world of music practice on the web. In that time a few new sites dealing with music practice have arrived and we’ll be reviewing some of those in the coming weeks. For now, onto the links . . . . . .

  1. How to Apply Focused Practice to Music Note Reading from the Music Reading Savant
  2. Brief article on how to practice a cover song in stages
  3. Stack Exchanges forums have a section dedicated to Music Practice and Performance
  4. Dr B’s Music Practice Guide provides a comprehensive look at the whole topic of music practice
  5. Savvy lessons provides some practice tips for beginners and some motivation help
  6. Here’s an interesting comparison between musicians and athletes
  7. Music in practice presents some ideas on making music fun
  8. An old favourite, the Musicians Way, suggests Performance-Oriented Practice
  9. If you need any more persuading here are 10 reasons why you should study music

Enjoy your practice!

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