Practising with Google

Do you use google? Chances are that you do. But do you USE google? Chances are that you don’t.

Rather than using the standard search there are many more ways Google gives you of finding the information you want. Here’s some ideas and resources Google throws up on music practice.

googleimagesGoogle Images
A search for music practice here turns up some nice cartoon images:

Music-Practice-Cartoon-1 Music-Practice-Cartoon-2
Music-Practice-Cartoon-3 Music-Practice-Cartoon-4


There are also various artsy images as well as covers of various music practice books

(including our own Music Practice Diary)
Music Practice Diary Cover
This is a useful diagram of how to soundproof your practice room
Delve a little deeper and there are some useful checklists and . . .
Sticker charts:


googlevideosGoogle Videos
Since Google took ownership of YouTube there has been less focus on its own video service. However there are still things on here you won’t find on YouTube.
A short video on how to practice
Our own Practice Diary video
Some practice tips for jazz musicians


googlenewsGoogle News
This is a service that aggregates news from all over the world. It takes stories from newspapers, broadcasters, press agencies and online and searches them for you. You’ll find a real mix of stories here, such as:
My kid simply wont practice – Now What?
Lessons from Antioch for parents
Just How good is Beatles Rock Band?
Value of Interdisciplinary Study

googleproductsGoogle Products
A collection of products from online retailers. You can add items to a shopping list which will then get stored for you to return to later.
Google-Practice-Product-1 Google-Practice-Product-2 Google-Practice-Product-3 Google-Practice-Product-4



googleblogGoogle Blog Search
This blog specifc search will find all the latest articles for your subject. In the case of music practice this site appears several times ;)
The best uses of your music practice time
Ten tips for including a metronome in your music practice
How to develop a curious practice
Self discipline in music and musicological practice
Mental music practice
Create good music practice environment

googlescholarGoogle Scholar
This is a more academic search aimed at finding materials that you would typically find in research papers, doctoral thesis and the like. It can turn up some very interesting results, however once you do find something of interest you may not be able to read in its entirity. Also be warned if you’re not connected with a university then prices to access these papers can be very expensive.
Learning strategies in instrumental music practice
A 30-year follow-up study of actual applied music practice versus estimated practice.
Developmentally Appropriate Music Practice: Children Learn What They Live
Goal orientation, implicit theory of ability and collegiate instrumental music practice

googlebooksGoogle Books
This particular service has been in the news recently. It seems that many people are unhappy with the copyright issues in this area. We will see how that progresses. In the meantime it’s another good source of music practice resources:
The science and pshychology of music performance
A creative approach to music fundamentals
Parents guide to everyday problems of boys and girls
Does practice make perfect?

googlegroupsGoogle Groups
In the beginning was newsnet. For those of you that have been around the net for a while you might remember . . .You’d have to setup your newsgroup reader and browse in the hope that your topic was covered. These days newsgroups are far less popular being usurped by online forums. However there is some interesting discussion to be had. Google groups allows you to search these.

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