Storyteller in Action

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The Storyteller method can really help you shape your music.

I’m going to take the very well know Minuet in G by Bach and show you how you might apply the method.

The opening tune makes me think of a little kitten trying to get somewhere:


She quickly realises that this particular pile of washing is just too big to climb:


However being a crafty, playful cat she decides it’s worth another go. But in the end still can’t manage to climb all the way up:


All the while this is happening there is a wise old cat in the left hand watching:


In the second section the roles are reversed. The wise old cat tells the younger kitten that he used to climb the washing when he was younger. The way to do it is to jump on like this:


“That’s a great idea” says the kitten. Let me try that:


“Look at me!” she says, “I’m at the top!”


Having created your story it’s time to write it on the music. It might look like this when it’s finished:


Remember all stories will be different. Have some fun, get creative and really shape your playing.

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