Free Games from Music Tech Teacher

Music Tech Teacher is an excellent site produced and developed by Mrs K. Garrett at Central Park School in Birmingham, Alabama. As a teacher specialising in Music technology, Mrs. Garrett has developed a portfolio of free resources including a large library of musical Quizzes and Games that include animations and fun programs to help students learn anything from musical theory to notation or recognise notes on a keyboard.

The Quiz topics include; Music Theory, Piano practice, Musical Terms, Music technology, Music Careers, Notation, rhythms, intervals – Scales-chords and even quizzes on famous musicians across several musical genres. There are even a couple of animated football based games where the student has to correctly guess the musical terminology and then gets a chance to score a goal in a penalty shoot-out scenario. The game is fully customisable and you can change the goalkeeper to be anyone from David Beckham to just about any recognisable public figure including Florence nightingale and Ghandi.

The Games are aimed at all age groups and range from the very basic up to relatively challenging. They are presented in an easy to use format and are entertaining as well as being informative. As an additional classroom tool these are a very useful and have kindly been made freely available to use via Mrs. Garretts website.

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