Scale Anagrams

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Below are 20 scales and modes. Unfortunately however the names have become a bit mixed up and we need you to help us figure out which scale is which. All the names are written out long hand so for example G# will be G sharp and Ab will be A flat.

Good luck, answers next friday   :cool:

Answers can now be found here

  1. Flat Arm JobHow To Practice Scales Anagrams
  2. A Medical Floor Mint
  3. Camp Horn Sir?
  4. A Dimly Fix? No.
  5. Android
  6. Iced Lime, Moron!
  7. Arm Jog
  8. Champion Orders Film
  9. Baron ‘Immortal’ Finch
  10. Praying Eh?
  11. Armchair Morning Posh
  12. Raft Logjam
  13. Frantic Pen Motion
  14. Jam Rod
  15. Lady Fin
  16. Harp Jams For
  17. Japing Roman Octet
  18. No Tea In? Fail!
  19. Fractional La
  20. An Oil Ace

You can also download a printable version below.

How To Practice Music Scales Anagrams

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