Simple Scales Crossword

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Use the clues below to work out the note names for each scale in the crossword. Each scale has eight notes and begins and ends on the tonic. For example C Major would be C D E F G A B C. Any minor scales are natural so you should just follow the key signature.

Answers next Friday   : :smile:

Music Scales Practice Crossword

  1. Relative Minor of F Major
  2. Relative Minor of G Major
  3. Major with 2 flats less than Ab Major
  4. Major beginning on the Dominant of C
  5. Major without accidentals
  6. Relative Major of B Minor
  7. Major with 4 flats less than Db Major
  8. Major with 3 flats more than 7.
  9. Key of 3 sharps
  10. Relative Major of C Minor
  11. Minor without accidentals
  12. Child under 16 years of age  :wink:

You can also download a PDF copy of this crossword below.

How To Practice Music Scales Crossword

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