About HTP

Ever run out of inspiration halfway through a practice session? Ever been stumped at what to do in order to improve? With How to Practice (HTP), help is now at hand!

At HTP we felt that there was not enough easily accessible information available on how to get the best from practice sessions. Traditionally the focus was more on volume and not achievement with practice seen as a necessary chore. We knew that there had to be a better way to keep practice both productive and fun so in 2006 Howtopractice.com was born to offer some straightforward help and guidance.

Having recognised the need for greater access to information and resources on music practice we designed a website dedicated to the topic where everyone can come and learn how to practice more effectively. Amongst the resources HTP provides are: a regular newsletter, daily practice tips, professional interviews, the HTP Podcast, the HTP online store packed with practice related products, free classified advertising, forums where anyone can discuss practice issues or post a practice tip, practice games, video practice logs, downloadable practice aids etc. At HTP we also understand that there is no one-size-fits all method for better practice. Therefore, the HTP community was born where anyone involved in music can exchange ideas and benefit from the experience of others. HTP also provides practice clinics both online and at your school/college.

So, if you are learning to play an instrument, have something to offer those who are or are just passionate about music then what are you waiting for? Become a member of the community today and help us spread the word – HowToPractice.com is the essential online resource for every musician, at every level, everywhere.

Don’t get downhearted, get online with the Howtopractice.com community and get motivated again

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