Improved Content Focus

As part of the ongoing improvements to the design and layout of this site we are introducing new content and some new ways to access this material. Over the coming weeks you will begin to see 3 new icons appear around the site. These are:

teacher_medInformation for Teachers

In these sections you will find information directly relevant to teachers of music, instruments and practice. The focus will be on practical application of the methods, tips and advice offered but will also have some more in depth theoretical discussion too.


children_medInformation for Student

If you want to know how best to use a method or technique then look in these student specific sections. Information on the best way to approach a task will be offered as well as more detail on the most common mistakes so that you can avoid them.


parents_medInformation for Parents

There are many areas of practice in which parents can help their children to achieve better results. Learn how to encourage and how not to damage confidence.


We hope this will give a more appropriate and focused view of our content to our many users.

Please feel free to leave your comments and let us know your view on these changes.

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