Music Practice Lessons

Music-Practice-LessonsDo you need to give your practice a kick start? Are you dedicated but don’t know where to turn next? Not getting the practice help you need from your current teacher?

With the practice lessons service from howtopractice you can now receive individually tailored lessons to take your practice to the next level. We will not confuse you with technical discussions nor will we get involved in deep musical analysis. We will however help you get the most out of each and every practice session, allow you to get more done in less time and progress faster towards your musical dreams.

Our lessons are not intended to replace instrumental lessons. Your teacher is a specialist on your instrument (or should be) and is therefore best placed to guide you on the finer detail of it’s technique. However, in the vast majority of cases they are not experts in practice. Our lessons are like theory, aural and history in that they complement your other lessons and make you a more rounded musician.

Music-Practice-Lesson-AssessmentMusic Practice Review

Our service will always begin with an in depth review of you, your playing and your ambitions. We will assess you as a musician. Where are you now? What do you want to do? What do you know? How do you currently use your practice time?
We will then progress into an observation session where we can see what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and why you are doing it. This together with a review discussion is an important part of the recommendations we will make for you going forwards.

Based upon this session, our discussions and the information you provide at the start we will make some clear written feedback on how you can improve your practice. This will not be generic advice. It will be specific to you, your current ability and your goals. We will tell you what needs to improve, we’ll also discuss what you’re good at and how those areas also might improve.

If you need clarity on our recommendations we’ll provide that too.

Find out more about our music practice review.

Music-Practice-Follow-On-LessonFollow on lessons

As your practice needs evolve we can provide regular lessons in how to approach all aspects of music in the practice room be it scalesmemorisationrepertoireperformance or theory. Having been through an initial review lesson we will have the background on your playing needed to give you the best advice. Bad practice habits form quickly and we can help ensure that doesn’t happen.

The benefit of follow on lessons is that we can continuously evolve your practice techniques to suit you. As your playing and technique develops so do the number of options around practice.

These lessons will be held in person wherever possible so that we can provide instant, direct feedback about your practice. This will be in addition to the written feedback that we will always provide.

Again there is also the option for us to visit larger groups or to hold the lessons via video conference.


Practice lessons are available in person in the UK and the Cayman Islands. If you are not based in either of these locations you can still have lessons either via a video conference service such as skype or by sharing video recordings of your practice with us. In these cases we will still speak with you in person over the phone.

We are also able to attend in person in other countries if you are booking lessons for larger groups of people. If you would like us to attend your school/college/country then please contact us for more details.

All lessons will be held in English.


To book a practice lesson complete this form and submit payment. We will then be in touch to confirm dates and times and also to start getting the detail we need on you as a musician.


Music Practice Review Lesson – £80/$120
Follow on lessons – £40/$60

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