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Practice methods competition

Practice Competition 128x150 Practice methods competition

Here at HTP we are always looking for original and interesting approaches to practice. If you've visited our Practice Methods section you will know that we have a large repository of practice methods already available to our users. This competition is your chance to add your own ideas to ours. If you have an idea for a practice ...

Welcome to our new, updated site!

HTP Full Logo cl 150x150 Welcome to our new, updated site!

We are exceptionally pleased to be able to welcome you to the brand new HTP website, the one stop shop devoted to helping musicians and music educators across the globe with their music practice techniques. After many months of late nights and a lot of coffee, the HTP technical gurus have put the finishing touches ...

Practice Toolbox

HTP Small Logo cs Practice Toolbox

Be Organised: Online Practice Toolbox Easily Plan your Practice and track your progress with our user-friendly suite of online tools. Currently in the final stages of our development process, these tools are stuffed full of features to help you organise your practice time and get better faster! To hear about the new tools when they're released then ...

Changes are afoot

HTP Small Logo cs Changes are afoot

The summer's here, school's out and it's time to party!!! . . . .well kind of. As well as being a great time of year to catch up on some much needed practice it's also a chance to take a step back and gain some perspective. That's exactly what I'll be doing here at HTP over ...

Instrumental Champions Imminent

Practice Instrumental Champions 150x100 Instrumental Champions Imminent

I'm very excited to announce that the first articles from the Instrumental Champions will be appearing here at HTP in the next couple of weeks. So I would like to say a BIG BIG thank you to those that have volunteered. I'm sure that their knowledge and expertise will be a fantastic addition to the practice resources ...

Practice Diary now only £3.99

pd cover e1355750773119 105x150 Practice Diary now only £3.99

Our music practice diaries have been selling quickly and we are fast approaching the time when we will need to have the next edition printed. As a special offer on the last few diaries of this edition we are offering them for sale at £3.99 - two pounds off the usual price. There are also discounts available on ...

HTP Instrumental Champions

Practice Instrumental Champions 150x100 HTP Instrumental Champions

We have a lot of general information about practice here at HTP. But how about MY instrument I hear you ask? Well, I agree. There's no replacement for specific instrumental expertise. General practice techniques will help improve your efficiency but an expert on your instrument will save you time by explaining how to solve problems on ...

Practicespot week at HTP

practicespot 148x150 Practicespot week at HTP

Just before Christmas I came across a website on practice that I hadn't seen before. Since then I have devoured all the resources on offer there (there are a lot) and have read several books by its creator, Philip Johnston. The principles, ideas and resources on offer from that site are so valuable and well matched to ...

100 ME Bloggers now complete

meblog200 150x150 100 ME Bloggers now complete

If you're a follower of music education resources on the blogosphere you cannot fail to have noticed the excellent 'ME Blogger' campaign organised by Jo Pisano. The aim of the campaign was to find 100 bloggers writing about music education. The goal has finally been met and you can now find some truly excellent resources among the list ...

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