Site re-build continues

Work continues to get all the old HTP content available again to our readers. Along with the newly revised content will be some other subtle changes to the site.

  • Everyone will have access to all content from the old site – no need to create an account and signup. Everything from the old site will be totally free!
  • We’re making it easier for you to get practice help. There will still be the option of help via the Practice Clinic but you’ll also be able to get faster help and we’ll be stepping up support for our twitter community.
  • Simplified design – we’re removing all the fluff and keeping it simple – just good advice on how to practice better.
You can see our progress on the rebuild so far by visiting any of the Practice Method sections. Several of the Resource sections are also complete including, humour, games, polls, quotes and bibliography.
Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, as always, Enjoy your practice!


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